Aqua Pharmacy


    • Changing the ambience of our assets in order to provide a cohesive patient experience across our various locations.
    • Unifying and standardizing customer service & experience across facilities.
    • Centralized guidelines for all marketing.
    • Economies of scale.
    • Greater bargaining power with suppliers.
    • Increased leverage with insurance companies
    • Sharing medical manpower across facilities to increase utilization.
    • Knowledge sharing across facilities leading to improved outcomes.
    • Centralized support services, liminating waste of products & time.
    • Our Healthcare products and services are chosen by a central purchase committee for the key stake holders , considering evidence-based results, to ensure quality patient care while adhering to fiscal responsibility.
    • Standardized internal control procedures to create a lateral operating mechanism across all our assets thereby, leading to more efficient outcomes

    We Provide the highest level of satisfaction care & services .